A week in the life of a rugby player

If you're anything like me you've never been a professional rugby player or sports person. I wouldn't even describe myself as an amateur sports person. I'm a guy that has a "9-5" office job that might go for the occasional run and plays a little social touch. So when I'm watching a player talking they... Continue Reading →

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Pro14 2018-2019 Round 12 Predictions Part 2

There is just one game this weekend in the Pro14. The South African sides are catching up on games that they missed over the festive season. This is outside the normal rugby season in South Africa and so that's why the games are juggled and we have a Round 12 Part 2. Here is my... Continue Reading →


European Rugby Champions Cup 2018-2019 Round 6 Predictions

We are down to the last round in the group stages. All the groups have 2 teams that could win them so there is all to play for. There was some great rugby played in round 5 so let's hope we see more of that this coming weekend. Here is my video with my European Rugby Champions... Continue Reading →

European Rugby Challenge Cup 2018-2019 Round 6 Predictions

Heading into the last weekend we have Clermont and Worcester who have already qualified as the winners of their group. Elsewhere though there are plenty of questions to be answered about who'll be making the knockout stages. Here is my video with my European Rugby Challenge Cup Round 6 Predictions: https://youtu.be/fH5B5Oj-fOI Grenoble v Benetton Treviso - Benetton Treviso... Continue Reading →

European Rugby Champions Cup 2018-2019 Round 5 Predictions

There are only 2 rounds to go in the group stages so it's now or never for those still in contention. Unfortunately there are too many teams that are already out of it and let's hope that doesn't impact the games too much. Here is my video with my European Rugby Champions Cup Round 5 Predictions: https://youtu.be/NOIovEXRng8 Gloucester... Continue Reading →

European Rugby Challenge Cup 2018-2019 Round 5 Predictions

We are heading into the final couple of rounds of European Rugby Challenge Cup group games. Will some sides totally throw the towel in? Will some try not to qualify as they concentrate on domestic matters? Those are always the problems with this competition but we still have to have a go at predicting the... Continue Reading →

Pro14 2018-2019 Round 13 Predictions

The South African sides join back in after their summer break, yup being a Southern Hemisphere side it's a tad warm down there. It's going to be interesting if the extra time has helped these 2 sides as they had lots of changes in the offseason. Here is my video with my Pro14 Round 13 Predictions: https://youtu.be/Sn7_OlDUT0M Benetton... Continue Reading →

Top 14 2018-2019 Round 14 Predictions

The Top 14 sails into the second half of the season. We already know one team that's going down but everything else is still very much up for grabs and the top of the table has another very hard clash this weekend. Here is my video with my Top 14 Round 14 Predictions: https://youtu.be/s5m2TIUWrWY Stade Francais v Perpignan Stade... Continue Reading →

Gallagher Premiership 2018-2019 Round 12 Predictions

Happy New Year, hope you had a good party and that 2019 is a fantastic one for you. Let's hope the players didn't party too hard as there's no break for them as the Gallagher Premiership sails past the half way point in the regular season. Here is my video with my Gallagher Premiership Round 12 Predictions: https://youtu.be/bPDFT8yiEY4... Continue Reading →

2018 World 15 – #RugbyChat EP70

Ashwin, Steven and I name our World 15s of 2018. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or your favourite podcasting app: https://soundcloud.com/drivingmaul/rugbychat-ep70-2018-world-15/s-FtfL4 If you would like to see how the magic is made, you can watch the show on YouTube, or Periscope: https://youtu.be/HvNusZ8jVZE Don’t Miss Out Don’t want to miss out? Then sign-up for the DrivingMaul newsletter that comes out every Thursday... Continue Reading →

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