A week in the life of a rugby player

If you're anything like me you've never been a professional rugby player or sports person. I wouldn't even describe myself as an amateur sports person. I'm a guy that has a "9-5" office job that might go for the occasional run and plays a little social touch. So when I'm watching a player talking they... Continue Reading →

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November Internationals and it rains! #RugbyChat EP63

Ryan, Ashwin, Steven and I dive into the Rugby World Cup Repechage, November Internationals and chat about the Chiefs taking a game to Fiji. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or your favourite podcasting app: https://soundcloud.com/drivingmaul/rugbychat-ep63-november-internationals-and-it-rains If you would like to see how the magic is made, you can watch the show on YouTube, or Periscope: https://youtu.be/w-nFHbKHgMI Don’t Miss Out Don’t want to miss... Continue Reading →


November Internationals 2018 Round 3 Predictions

Please after this round can we not moan about referees and #BringBackRespect in rugby? I love international rugby but the hate all around it is tiring when there's so much to enjoy. With so many Tier 1 and Tier 2 sides in action so let’s get into the predictions. Here is my video with my November Internationals Round... Continue Reading →

November Internationals 2018 Round 2 Wrap-Up

As I said on Twitter last week there was something for everyone this weekend! Replays of famous Rugby World Cup games, a 6 Nations virtual promotion/relegation game, plenty of Tier 1 clashes, Tier 2 clashes and women's tests. Oh and I'd just like to point out that I'm 100% with my predictions this International window.... Continue Reading →

Bring on the English – The All Blacks Edition EP25

Welcome to the twenty-fifth DrivingMaul – The All Blacks Edition, a show where Ashwin, Steve and I talked All Blacks again. This week we talk about who upped their chances of a flight back to Japan next year, how the Maori and Black Ferns are going and looked forward to England v the All Blacks. Listen to the... Continue Reading →

November Internationals Kick-off

Ashwin, Steven and I dive into the Rugby World Cup Repechage, November Internationals, Rapid Rugby and clear up any misinformation about beds causing injuries. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or your favourite podcasting app: https://soundcloud.com/drivingmaul/rugbychat-ep62-november-internationals-kick-off If you would like to see how the magic is made, you can watch the show on YouTube, or Periscope:... Continue Reading →

End of Year Internationals 2018 Round 1 predictions

The International window is now officially open so teams will have access to all their players! Whilst we have had 2 weeks of games this is really the first round of End of Year Internationals. There are so many Tier 1 and Tier 2 sides in action so let's get into the predictions. Here is my video... Continue Reading →

End of Year Internationals 2018 Round -1 Wrap-Up

The International window wasn't quite here but we still had a host of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 games to watch. Also the womens internationals kicked off with the USA hosting the Black Ferns. I wrap-up all the action and BTW I managed to predict all the results... Listen to the podcast on iTunes,... Continue Reading →

Does New Zealand Rugby/Super Rugby need fixing?

With all the negativity you see in the mainstream press surly something must be broken in New Zealand rugby. From my point of view there are 2 sides to rugby that we need to look at when asking if anything needs fixing? There’s the playing performance side which includes playing stocks and teams performances. The... Continue Reading →

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