Picotin Express – East Coast

Picotin recently opened a new Express Picotin on east coast, having had wonderful meals at the original restaurant in Bukit Timah (that closed its doors at the end of June) we thought we’d check it out.


We headed down there on a Sunday and arriving at 6ish were fine getting a table but if you want to arrive after 7 I’d advise you to book as it was getting pretty full.  I like how they have gone for not having walls on 2 sides, it’s something that always reminds me I’m in the tropics and they can get away with as the roads are quiet.

Beef Roast
Beef Roast

We skipped starters and for mains the menu is mainly pizza and pasta but I went for the sunday roast which was beef.  Wow where do they get their parsnips?  It’s one of those vegetables I’d forgotten I missed it’s been so long.  The meat was also cooked lovely with a nice serving of gravy.  My wife went for a pizza and so did my daughter, the kids meal is just a small pizza or pasta of your choice from the main menu plus juice and ice-cream. That’s why I think of this place as a family restaurant rather than a kids restaurant. The kids get real food just in a smaller portion not something deep fried and chips.  The pizzas were good and what’s even better is that they deliver so we will definitely be utilising that in future.

Kids Meal
Kids Meal

For the deserts my little one had some strawberry sorbet as her choice for ice-cream and scoffed it down.   I had the apple crumble which was delicious (I lost half of it to my wife and toddler).

Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble

All told it was $190ish for 4 adults, 2 kids and a toddler which I don’t think is too bad for a treat.  The only downside was that there didn’t appear to be anywhere to do change a nappy.

Picotin Express – East Coast
1 Figaro Street
Opera Estate
Tel – 6445 5590
Web – http://www.picotin.com.sg/index.php

All Gone
All Gone

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