Lime House

Authentic Caribbean food in Singapore, really? Wow had to give that a try, seen it cooked on TV but never got the chance to try it out.

We found ourselves on the other side of town the other weekend and on recommendation from some friends stopped off at Outram Park MRT for dinner on the way home.  For those with strollers it’s slightly awkward getting around the shop houses of this area but the roads are quiet enough to walk on.

Goat Curry
Goat Curry

Clearly we have been dinning too much with kids as I was surprised to see that there wasn’t a kids menu.  The waitress suggested that we could order side dishes for the kids which worked out great.

Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken

My wife went for the Jerk Chicken (heard lots about it never got to try it) and I plumped for the recommended Goat Curry.  For the girls we got a Macaroni Pie and Coconut Rice N’ Peas.  The Jerk Chicken was lovely with a wonderful sweat BBQ sauce.  My Goat Curry was very tender with a nice little kick, unfortunately they had run out of plantain so didn’t get to try those (not had them in ages since my mum cooked them).  The girls scoffed down the Macaroni Pie and liked their coconut rice, got a nice little surprise that the peas were black peas not the normal green not that it mattered to the kids.

Macaroni Pie
Macaroni Pie

The restaurant it’s self is a very well restored shophouse with some lovely carving work dividing the dinning room.  There is also the option of alfresco dinning if the evening isn’t too hot.

In summary this is an adult restaurant that happens to have some highchairs, so perfect for a date night to get away from the kids.  There was only one other family there so sorry to the other parents trying to get away from it all.

Oh yes the cost, for 2 adults, a kid and a toddler it came to $100.50 so a little treat for us considering we didn’t have starters or deserts and only 1 drink each.

Lime House
2 Jiak Chuan Rd
Tel – 6222 3130
Web –


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  1. Hi. This is Chris from lime house. Thank you for the review. Just to let you know, Sunday brunch buffet is the best time to come with kids. We set up a kids play area on the second floor and have activities every week. Usually arts & crafts and face painting. This Sunday we are doing something special.. F1 car racing for kids with battery operated ride on cars and a (home made!) race track. We have 3 small kids ourselves and love to creat a family friendly atmosphere. cheers, Chris.


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