Lime House

Authentic Caribbean food in Singapore, really? Wow had to give that a try, seen it cooked on TV but never got the chance to try it out. We found ourselves on the other side of town the other weekend and on recommendation from some friends stopped off at Outram Park MRT for dinner on the... Continue Reading →


Sea Gypsy Village Resort & Dive Base

Looking for a weekend break that will get you away from it all? Well Sea Gypsy is exactly that, even mobile phone coverage is patchy! This really is what you imagine south east asia to be like, wooden huts on the beach with palm trees, no TVs, roads, air-con, hot water or wifi. But I'm... Continue Reading →

Friday Digest – Teachers Day and Upcoming Sport

This week I touch on Singapore culture, sports kicking off this weekend and kids entertainment. Singapore Culture You may have noticed that your kids didn't go to school today. ┬áThat's because today is teachers day in Singapore. ┬áThe idea is to honour the teachers of Singapore and from a practical point of view it means... Continue Reading →

La Villa

La Villa doesn't immediately spring to mind as venue for a Sunday free flow brunch. But this is a hidden gem especially for families. We have been there a couple of times over the years and the menu has changed, so if you have not been for a while it's worth checking out again. So... Continue Reading →

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