Easy Science Experiments for Kids: Water

Some really cool ideas to do with the kids.

Field Notes From Fatherhood

Our kids were in their pajamas from Friday night until Sunday noon on what was a cold and rainy weekend. What to do but build a roaring fire in the fireplace, roast chestnuts, bake cookies, and do science experiments?

A while back we had a similar day on which our experiments were themed around air. On Saturday our topic was water, and here’s what we did, all of the experiments sourced from the excellent website The Naked Scientists in their section Kitchen Science.

Checking out blue dye in bottleOur first experiment involved ‘slow waves.’ Take a bottle, fill it 1/3 full with water, and add a drop or two of food coloring. (The kids were fascinated just by seeing the food coloring mix with the water, as you can see from the photo.) Tip the bottle on its side, and gently rock it back and forth, observing the motion of the waves…

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