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I'm just heading off on holiday and so will be offline for a week so here's a little round-up. Well after a blogging break there have been 20 posts and 7 re-blogs I'm the last 15 days. Wow that's a burst of activity! It hasn't really felt that busy I guess the re-blogging helps but also... Continue Reading →


iLight 2014

This looks very cool, didn’t realise it was on but you can catch it every night from 7:30pm to 11pm until the end of March click here for more details.

GRbenji's Blog

Haven’t shoot any landscape for over a year now. With the biannual iLight Marina Bay now on, decided to pay it a visit.

#1 – Celebration of Life

#2 – Celebration of Life

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Children’s Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

Here’s another write up about the playground at gardens by the bay from a slightly older kids point of view. Also some nice photos.

Unlikely Lady of Leisure

Jane, her boys, and us headed to the new children’s garden at Gardens by the Bay for a play date.  We had heard about this place and wanted to see whether it was a fun place for the kids.  And it certainly was!

There are two main areas – the sand play area which features a playground and slides, and the water play area.

The playground was quite unlike any other I’ve seen.  It was embedded within a green space, making the playground seem like a hidden world in a forest.  The boys especially liked the jug-like rope parts of the playground, and spent quite a bit of time climbing in and out of them.  I appreciated very much that there were park rangers stationed at the elevated parts of the playground to ensure safety so that parents (like preggers me!) don’t have to scramble up with the kids.

The playground at the sandy area The playground…

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Playground @ Gardens by the Bay

Having read good things about the new childrens garden/playground at Gardens by the Bay I took the kids along last weekend. We did think twice about taking the swimming costumes due to the lack of rain and announcements asking malls to turnoff their water play areas but as you can see in the photo it's good that we... Continue Reading →

Review – The Ant and The Grasshopper show by I Theatre

We are not going to make this show but it sounds like a good one for the littleuns.

Kids "R" Simple

AAG-014-Portrait3 I Theatre Production 2014

On Saturday, we went to watch The Ant and The Grasshopper by I Theatre, a non-profit organization bringing top quality theatre for children and families. This is XX and YH’s second time watching a production. The first was last year’s SICF (Singapore Innovative Children’s Festival) which they enjoyed watching The Balinese Princess. Well, nowadays, children start watching production real young. I remembered the first production I watched was a Secondary school production by fellow schoolmates also in Jubilee Hall! And it wasn’t even a professional production!

Ant and Grasshopper1

Jubilee Long queue outside Jubilee.. the hall was completely full!

Prior to going for the show, I told them that they will be watching The Ant and The Grasshopper. They exclaimed that they know the story! Wow! I am embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of it other than the traditional The Hare and The Tortoise.

Here’s the…

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Playtime @ Esplanade

I have a new co-favorite theater company, it's called Playtime and their home is Espanade theaters on the bay. A few weeks ago we took both our little ones to go see Hello Yasmin. Hello Yasmin was about a girl who goes to see her Grandpa and learns about growing plants. Very nicely done and a lesson in patience for the... Continue Reading →

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