Food For Thought @ Botanic Gardens

What a coincidence that the day before my Food for Thought@8Q was to come out another blogger posted about Food for Thought@ Botanical Gardens. Good to hear that the other one is good as well.

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There are many places to dine at within the Bukit Timah area. I recently made a discovery that the food court at Botanic Gardens has been changed to a restaurant instead. (Hope I am not too lag!) That restaurant is none other than FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

Enter via Tanglin gate and it is located at basement one. Look, there is a kid’s area just outside and it seems pretty new. 🙂

fft 1

One thing I like about this restaurant is its spaciousness. It offers adequate space for you to chill on a tired weekday or on a relaxing weekend and you can just take a walk at the Botanic Gardens after dining here. However, you need to order and pay at the cashier so don’t expect someone to walk to the table to take your orders.

fft 2fft 020fft 022

A little deco on the table with a label that reads ‘Taste the good life’…

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