Cicely Kitchen

Found myself up at The Grandstand again the other day and decided to try another of the eateries. The exec. summary of Cicely Kitchen is try another place. It didn't start well, I asked what one of the display dishes was called and how much it was. You see all the others were labeled, well... Continue Reading →


Little things in town

Just a couple of things from being in town the other afternoon. One thing that I constantly get surprised at are the small things you see around SEAsia from the Empire. Before I left the UK I assumed that they all got destroyed as the locals took over. So see a statue to King George... Continue Reading →

Seasalt Caribbean Deli

Just had the pulled pork sandwich from Seasalt @ The Grandstand. If you've not been up here since it changed from being Turf City it's worth a visit. The sandwich was great, looked like something off Man vrs Food. Thankfully only the warmup dishes. The first question was how to eat it? Tried picking it... Continue Reading →

A few parent inspired memes. (Whatever that is…)

Some great parenting “inspiration” posters 🙂

Ah dad...

Inspiration moves likes cars on a freeway in the blogosphere.  It’s a network of brilliant drivers, speeding past you, leaving you coughing in the exhaust fumes of their greatness.  And it’s good coughing.  Like a great sneeze.  You know the kind that leaves you unbalanced for a second or two.

DrivingMisty has written two posts on love memes.  You need to check them out.  Here and here.  No need to thank me, my parents raised a conscientious human.  Besides, you’ll end up being a better person just reading them.  But then you must return at once and continue reading this post, otherwise the improvement in your likeness fades away over time.  Life’s odd like that, I know.

I decided to enhance the meme-world with half a dozen of my own parent-inspired ones. 

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