A few parent inspired memes. (Whatever that is…)

Some great parenting “inspiration” posters 🙂

Ah dad...

Inspiration moves likes cars on a freeway in the blogosphere.  It’s a network of brilliant drivers, speeding past you, leaving you coughing in the exhaust fumes of their greatness.  And it’s good coughing.  Like a great sneeze.  You know the kind that leaves you unbalanced for a second or two.

DrivingMisty has written two posts on love memes.  You need to check them out.  Here and here.  No need to thank me, my parents raised a conscientious human.  Besides, you’ll end up being a better person just reading them.  But then you must return at once and continue reading this post, otherwise the improvement in your likeness fades away over time.  Life’s odd like that, I know.

I decided to enhance the meme-world with half a dozen of my own parent-inspired ones. 

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