Bali Digest 2

A few more thoughts from Bali.

Crossing the road
How do you teach kids the green cross code in SEAsia? The roads are a constant stream of cars, bikes and lorries. Here you just walk confidently out and everybody will miss you. Not exactly the “look each way for a gap in tragic” European way.
On the beach walk straight past the first guys that offer you loungers and umbrellas as they are twice the price of the ones 30 meters down the beach. For us it went from 100k to 50k.
Beach 2
Do buy fruit off the ladies that are carrying it around on their heads. Very reasonable and saved carrying snacks to the beach. They are experts at cutting it up.

All the bars, caf├ęs and restaurants provide free WIFI. After you have been here a few days just walking down the street will update your emails on your phone or iPad. So there’s no need for data roaming for basic communication.


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