66 Corner

Initially had problems finding a bar for the first NZ v Eng rugby test match. In the end had 4 bars to choose from with 66 Corner being the closest.

Once you have been around SEAsia a bit 66 Corner will have a very familiar feel. Open to the elements on 3 sides with wooden furniture, unpretentious not trying to be flash.
They have 3 or 4 large flat screen TVs for sport so most of the seats have a good view. Mix of high and low tables means families can also come and sit to watch sport.
So after seeing England push the All Blacks all the way but not quite win, the family joined me for dinner. We ordered the beef nachos and 500gr spare ribs. The topping for the beef nachos was fine but the chips were a bit greasy and there weren’t many of them. The spare ribs were good with 2 each (so 8 in total). We had the fruit platter for desert which was a plentiful serving of water melon, melon and papaya.
Add in the 2 small and 1 large bin tang, a G&T, fruit juice and water, it came to IDR 435,000. Good thing though was that they took credit cards for no extra cost.
Probably would go there again for the rugby but not the food.
66 Corner
Jl. Double Six/Werkudara 23


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