Cool de Sac – The perfect place for playdates

Looks like there is a good new indoor playground to visit.

Kids "R" Simple

Cool de Sac entrance

Having read about the great reviews on US imported Cool de Sac from SassyMama and JBabies on this new playhouse cum cafe, I wanted to check it out myself too. So, I recommended this place to the other mummies from my son’s class when we were cracking our brains on a place where mummies can chat and kids can play without much supervision.

Cool de Sac Play area on the left and Cafe on the right

Cool de Sac playhouse works this way:
Entry for kids 3-12 yo – $20 for unlimited playtime
Entry for toddlers above 6mths to below 3 yo – $10 for unlimited playtime
Credit card discounts: Amex 15%, OCBC 10% off entry and food prices

For unlimited play time, I think $20 for each child is really low price in my opinion.

The kids had so much fun and the mummies were able to chat happily that we ended…

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