Bali Digest – The End

Well our holiday is over, so here are my final thoughts but there are a bunch of posts about Bali still scheduled to come. We stayed in Seminyak, which some folks have said is one of the more expensive parts of Bali even so your Singapore dollar goes a long way. We unintentionally stayed south... Continue Reading →



As soon as I read about Bikus' afternoon teas this was on my list. What's even better is that it's served until 7pm so we could have it as an early dinner with the kids. The photos in the write-up about Biku didn't do the place justice. It really is an eclectic mix; part shop,... Continue Reading →

Blue 9 Beach

Back at the beach but this time sitting on beanbags on the beach itself for lunch. Up until now we had always gone onto the road behind the beach for our lunches. But turning right as you come on to 66 beach opens up a new world of eateries. Blue 9 Beach or B9B is... Continue Reading →

Made’s Warung

Another one from the list that you'll probably be able to find many write ups about, but we had a good time so I'm going to tell you about it. Madge's Warung is a courtyard style restaurant on the main shopping strip in Seminyak. The tables are I. The centre of the courtyard and the... Continue Reading →

Bali Digest 3

Some more thoughts from Bali. Taxis Taxis have got so much better in SEAsia. When we first got here trying to get one outside of Singapore that would use the meter was a battle every time. Now whilst there will be the odd one trying it on generally if you ask they out it on... Continue Reading →

D’Lande Cafe

Found my favorite cafe in Bali, I have liked others but this one has that little extra. This is first biker cafe! It's next door and part of a Harley Davidson rental place. I'm no biker but they have done out this place very well. There are lots if picture and little sayings on the... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Diner

Spotted this place as we were driving from the airport and wanted to go. There probably is a diner in Singapore but not one that anyone raves about, so haven't been to one in a while. Luckily our second villa is within a dangerous walking distance. Why can't they build footpaths? Anyway been there twice,... Continue Reading →

Cool de Sac – The perfect place for playdates

Looks like there is a good new indoor playground to visit.

Kids "R" Simple

Cool de Sac entrance

Having read about the great reviews on US imported Cool de Sac from SassyMama and JBabies on this new playhouse cum cafe, I wanted to check it out myself too. So, I recommended this place to the other mummies from my son’s class when we were cracking our brains on a place where mummies can chat and kids can play without much supervision.

Cool de Sac Play area on the left and Cafe on the right

Cool de Sac playhouse works this way:
Entry for kids 3-12 yo – $20 for unlimited playtime
Entry for toddlers above 6mths to below 3 yo – $10 for unlimited playtime
Credit card discounts: Amex 15%, OCBC 10% off entry and food prices

For unlimited play time, I think $20 for each child is really low price in my opinion.

The kids had so much fun and the mummies were able to chat happily that we ended…

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