Columbus Coffee @ Mitre 10 New Lynn

A coffee shop in a do-it-yourself wearhouse isn’t my normal kind of destination.

It wasn’t the quality of the food or it’s amazing atmosphere that drew us in. What Mitre 10 have done is build a small indoor playground.


The playground is for kids up to 8 and for a small space, it has a good range of climbing, slide and also small things. Spinning, wheels, drum and piano machines for example. So it’s not designed for the littlest ones but our 2 year old had a good time anyway. It was really great to see her again in confidence and climb up to the top.


Columbus Cafe

The cafe does have a menu of breakfast items but also a range of stuff on display. It’s all cold but cooked and brought to the table. For the kids I got them a bacon and egg bap to share, which also come with spinach and a vegetarian stuffed backed potato. The gap went down well, but the healthy potato less so even thought I liked it.

I had a smoked chicken panini which thankfully wasn’t squashed flat like they can be. Also had veggies and caramelised onions meaning it had a sweet flavour.

My wife had the sausage roll which doesn’t sound like anything special but it was sausage meat spiced with sage and apple so not a straight sausage with pastry round it. Tasted really good and was the best item we ordered.

Add in a flat white, hot chocolate and two kids fluffies and it came to just NDZ 38.60, that’s a really good deal but let’s be honest it is inside a DIY wearhouse so that explains the good deal.

We will definitely be going back as you could spend nearly that to just get entry into some indoor playgrounds.

Columbus Coffee
5 Astley Avenue
New Lynn


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