We Compost Weekend 6-7 September 2014

We already compost but this is a great idea.

ink eats man

CompostHeaderDuring We Compost Weekend you can fill a bag with vegetable waste and trade it with participating stores for a coffee, a tee-shirt, a pie, or… ready to use compost.

Currently Auckland City collects 1.2 million tonnes of rubbish annually, two-thirds of which is organic.1 Composted, this would become gardening gold. In a landfill, it breaks down into a concoction of greenhouse gases, mostly methane and CO2. Not so flash huh?

Auckland City does have a promising waste management plan however; kerbside rubbish bins will be reduced in size, and organic waste bins will be introduced during 20152.

While council needs to lead such initiatives, we really do rely on enterprising folk to continually activate, educate, promote, and inspire by example; otherwise policy can become a challenge of compliance – or worse, non-compliance.

So, you gotta love We Compost Weekend, the initiative that is designed to…

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