Easy University Pasta

So one of the meals that I cooked recently for the family was basically what I survived on through all of university. An easy 1 pan meal.

This is a very simple dish, the ingredients are:

Tin of tuna
Pasta of your choice
Tin of sweetcorn
Olive oil

The cooking is also very east as the only thing that needs cooking is the pasta. So heat up your water with some salt and olive oil in it. That’s supposed to help the pasta to stop sticking but not sure it really does anything a part from make it feel more like real cooking and not just boiling water.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and put it back in the pan. Add in the tuna, sweetcorn, couple of tea spoons of pesto and a couple of tea spoons of mayonnaise. Mix it all together and serve.

We used Jamie Olivers’ pesto and really was not impressed. My wife will be making some homemade pesto in future which is way better. But if you can’t make it yourself then just go for the supermarket brand rather than a celebrity chef one is my advice.

So there you go a quick and easy recipe that also doesn’t make much washing up!


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