The Pain Barrier

Sharing Sunday: This week a post about playing on with injuries, I totally agree with this post and think we should be encouraging players to come off. You only have to look at the recent coverage of Sam Burgess for example to see that we are glorifying playing on when seriously injured. If he had got another big hit to his face and lost his sight what would we be saying?

Thought Attempts

I recently saw a news article about a basketball player who suffered a fractured wrist early on in a game. He continued to play. Apparently he also spent the day on an IV drip owing to illness, and it was uncertain whether he would play at all. This got me thinking about sports injuries, and the attitude towards them from players, coaches, and spectators.

In New Zealand, there are a lot of stories of this ilk (playing on with a serious injury), mainly about various All Blacks (the NZ mens rugby team, for those not in the know). One notable example being the current captain, who?amongst other things?admits to concealing a broken foot in order to keep playing in the World Cup in 2011. Rather than being called out for this, it enhanced his reputation as a “real man”. Similar tales have assumed somewhat mythical status (google Wayne “Buck” Shelford…

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