Aviva Premiership 2014-2015 Round 11 Review

We are now half way through the season and with at least 7 sides in with a  decent chance of making the playoffs it should be an exciting second half too. Here's my review of round 11. How did the predictions go? First up here is a link to my predictions. 4 out of 6, so... Continue Reading →


FIFA can have a good idea

Sharing Sunday: An idea that might help to stop feeding at scrum time.


During the 2014 FIFA World cup we saw the introduction of a white vanishing spray being used by referees to mark where a free kick should be taken.

With rugby referees constantly turning a blind eye to crooked feeds perhaps it is time that they used the same spray to set the scrum. A small line could be drawn as the centre spot with hookers heads positioned over the mark before and when the ball is put in. The mark would also be the line on which the scrum-half must put the ball in. Perhaps this might end the ridiculous feeding by scrum-halves . If referees penalize crooked feeds the No. 9’s would soon learn.

The hookers would then have to hook the ball,which is why they are called “hookers!” Without this basic skill the role of a hooker becomes redundant,as their only designated role would be to throw the…

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Aviva Premiership 2014-2015 Round 11 Predictions

After this game we will be halfway through the seasons and everybody will have played everybody. It's kind of fitting that the halfway point is also the changing of the years. Anyway here are my predictions for round 11. How did your predictions go last week? First up here is a link to my review... Continue Reading →

But Dad, I Don’t Want To Watch TV Anymore…

Sharing Sunday: A good piece on why we go to watch sport live, when we can.

Charles Thoughts

I’d like to think that, on the whole, my family and I are fairly in sync. We agree that cats are overrated, that Heinz tomato soup is the best kind of soup, and that playing Christmas songs in September should be punishable by life in prison. But what we don’t always agree on is the matter of sport.

It was a few weeks ago that my dad brought up his confusion as to why people would ever bother to attend the Ryder Cup in person: why not just stay at home and watch it on the TV? His argument is as follows. Why pay hundreds of pounds to go and watch an event, in the cold, and maybe the rain (pretty likely for Scotland in September), where you will see little of the action? By staying at home you get a better view of proceedings, stay warm and dry and

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