Why rugby needs to listen to Paul Kimmage

Sharing Sunday: I normally share one article but this one came up and I couldn’t not share this. Two days ago I gave my summary and view on doping in rugby union. I agree with this post that rugby needs to ask more questions but I do hope that it doesn’t turn into Kimmage’s doping hunt. Doping was getting more coverage already, not as much as now that Kimmage is writing about it, but it was on the increase.
I also don’t agree with the view, that as rugby has more suspensions it has the biggest problem. It might, but it also might be that it just looks harder for example the RFUs illicit drugs testing. I know that these don’t lead to the WADA code suspensions but it does show that drugs and player welfare are taken more seriously.
Anyway have a read, questions do need asking and to be continually asked.

On The Line

On Sunday 23rd November 2014, the Irish Sunday Independent published a piece by Paul Kimmage highlighting the issue of doping in rugby. The article focussed on the story and plight of former French international Laurent Bénézech, who was unsuccessfully sued by Provale (the French rugby players union) for defamation and who has recently released  ‘Rugby, Ou Sont tes Valeurs’, an exposé on doping in the sport. But the rugby world didn’t bat an eyelid. There was no public outcry, no calls for an inquiry. Not a sound.

A week later, Kimmage wrote a follow-up piece, expanding on Bénézech’s case with Provale.The article also included the points raised by Sky News correspondent, Paul Kelso, who highlighted the growing pressure young players are under from coaches to “bulk up” in order to compete. Kimmage opened the article with some remarkable quotes from former Scottish international Paul Dearlove, who in 2009 said that “an eight…

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