But Dad, I Don’t Want To Watch TV Anymore…

Sharing Sunday: A good piece on why we go to watch sport live, when we can.

Charles Thoughts

I’d like to think that, on the whole, my family and I are fairly in sync. We agree that cats are overrated, that Heinz tomato soup is the best kind of soup, and that playing Christmas songs in September should be punishable by life in prison. But what we don’t always agree on is the matter of sport.

It was a few weeks ago that my dad brought up his confusion as to why people would ever bother to attend the Ryder Cup in person: why not just stay at home and watch it on the TV? His argument is as follows. Why pay hundreds of pounds to go and watch an event, in the cold, and maybe the rain (pretty likely for Scotland in September), where you will see little of the action? By staying at home you get a better view of proceedings, stay warm and dry and

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