226. Get Ready

Sharing Sunday: The 95,286th choice no. 8 for England sets out his stall in this, the all important, World Cup year.

Ned Davy and The Order of The Black Heart

Now we’re talking. 2015. A World Cup year.

No more faffing around talking about what we’re gonna do next year. Next year is here. All the talk is real, immediate, urgent, meaningful.

Super Rugby, Rugby Championship, bits of club rugby, and the Poneke Pies. It all matters.

When I’m back from my undercover excursion I’ll be back into training too. Just in case.  I might be the 95,286th choice for Number Eight, but my duty is clear. Be ready for Shag’s call.

I’ll just finish off this Viennese pastry, and then I’ll think about what exercise might be called for.

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