Rugby Thoughts – Bans and Injuries

This week I'll look at bans that have been handed out over the first couple of weeks in Super Rugby and how do we prevent injuries. Bans There have been a number of punches thrown during the first couple of rounds. Triggs picked up a 1 week ban, Franks 2 weeks and Hames 5 weeks.... Continue Reading →


Aviva Premiership 2014-2015 Round 16 Predictions

We have a clear idea of who's fighting for the playoffs and it's quite a long list. Two games this weekend sees sides from that list face each other, read on for my predictions. First up here is my review of round 15. How did the predictions go? 4 from 6, that’s fairly good when... Continue Reading →

6 Nations – Beer Pairings

Sharing Sunday: I love the concept of this piece. I might not agree with the words used to describe each team but I would like to try all the beers.


A little over a week into the 6 nations and after 2 fantastic weekends (depending on your nationality I guess…), I thought I would match 6 beers with the 6 nations involved. Instead of matching the countries with beers brewed near the national stadiums, I’ve decided to match them based on pundits predictions and previews of the country before the competition started. Looking for key words that were repeated and batted around the pages of the national press and on-line blogs – I picked 4 words per country and matched a beer to suit. And in alphabetical order…

ENGLAND – Pundits repeated words: BITE; FORD; MAUL; SET(piece)

Beer Pairing: Redchurch Brewery – Old Ford Export Stout (7.5%)

England have started well enough and the word bite could certainly still be used to describe them (unlike a few others in this post). Without dissecting the word too much (although it’s certainly…

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Rugby Thoughts – Abuse, Concussion and #hashtagtivism

In my weekly brain dump I'll be going back to look at the 6 Nations kicking table as well as the round 1 Super Rugby upsets we covered in #RugbyChat. Also looking at some stories on ref abuse, #Finnocent and concussion again. 6 Nations kicking table Last week I talked about analytics and that the... Continue Reading →

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