Similarities between rugby and longboarding

Sharing Sunday: I bet you didn’t realise that you had built up so many cross over skills from your hours of chasing a ball in the mud.


I found three key areas that rugby has helped me to learn to ride a longboard.

1) Starting to move. The great temptation is to look down at your forward foot. While foot placement on the board is important, when we coach the line out lift we teach that looking straight up doesn’t help you keep your balance. By the same point, looking down at your feet doesn’t help you balance either. So, keep your eyes six feet in front of you in order to help you balance to start off.

2) When you start moving it’s easy to have your pushing and static feet get a little out of control. As counterintuitive as it sounds, get on the board. While all sorts of things may be happening you will have your feet fixed shoulder width apart and this gives you a nice solid base. The solid base is key…

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