Aviva Premiership 2014-2015 Round 15 Predictions

There might be a rest week for the 6 Nations but the Aviva Premiership goes on with some players returning and others being retained by their countries. Here are my predictions for round 15. First here is a link to my review of round 14. How did the predictions go last week? 6 out of... Continue Reading →


Super Rugby 2015 Round 2 Predictions

We head into round 2 off the back of a weekend of upsets, here are my predictions. First here is a link to my round 1 review. How did last week's predictions go? 3 out of 7, sounds like a disaster to kick the season off but with 3 big upsets I was in the same boat as... Continue Reading →

49 year-old Rugby player’s ban doubled to 20 years for assaulting referee’

Sharing Sunday: Good to see proper bans for assaulting a ref and also the appeal even though the original 10 years means he probably would play again anyway.

Sports Law Bulletin

On 29 September 2014 the RFU Appeal Panel, chaired by Sir James Dingemans, handed down judgment in RFU v Barry Lockwood.


An RFU Disciplinary Panel had imposed a suspension of 10 years from playing rugby on a 49 year old player. The RFU, bringing the appeal, persuaded the Appeal Panel that 10 years was so unduly lenient as to be unreasonable, and the Appeal Panel duly increased the suspension to 20 years.

On 7 December 2013 Ruislip RFC 2nd Team (Mr Lockwood’s team) had been playing the Honourable Artillery Company RFC 2nd team in a Herts/Middlesex Merit table game. The referee had showed Mr Lockwood a yellow card for holding on, after which Mr Lockwood punched and felled the referee. The referee suffered concussion, facial injuries, and dental damage which required £750 of treatment.

Mr Lockwood was subsequently prosecuted for assault occasioning actual bodily harm…

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Rugby Thoughts – Analytics and Continuity

This is my weekly brain dump and this week I'll be talking about analytics and continuity of selection. Analytics This has come up a couple of times over the last week, the Guardian had a good piece on how Saracens are using analytics. This is something that The Eggchasers Rugby Podcast picked up on earlier... Continue Reading →

Touch Rugby – Pre-season is over

So this coming weekend the season starts, here's the story of my pre-season. The stories that come out of pre-season normally include things like training so hard that people are sick and running up and down hills. The more modern pre-season for Super Rugby have seen players hitchhiking long distances or paddling sinking canoes out... Continue Reading →

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