5 existing rugby laws that referees need to apply

Sharing Sunday: A good article looking at the laws that need to be enforced rather than trying to look at new rules to “fix” things.


The Aviva Premiership play-off final between Worcester and Bristol was rugby as it should be played; full of positive intent, creativity, bravery, controversy with a few mistakes thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately the rest of the northern hemisphere season hasn’t lived up to the same level of excitement.

Talk has already started about the latest raft of law changes that are required to make the game more entertaining but there are number of existing laws that are already in the book that need to be applied before we look at additional laws.

Here are the top 5 existing laws that we need World Rugby to instruct referees to apply:

(1)  Law 15.6 – Players must be on their feet at the ruck

The illegal jackal is the bane of the modern professional game because it slows down good attacking ball and gives defences the time to reform.

The first…

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2 thoughts on “5 existing rugby laws that referees need to apply

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  1. Spot on I wish more media would pick up on this Ireland have been slowing down and spoiling the game for years hence there rise to the top.it needs to be sorted.To be fair Wayne Barns did penalise Ireland early and in force himself early this year against Wales in the six nations. That is why they failed to win that game.


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