History of the Haka

Sharing Sunday: With the Bledisloe Cup last night I thought it was a good idea to share this piece on the history of the Haka.

The Áed

Is there any greater sight in sport than to watch the 22 or so men put up a challenge as powerful as the haka to the opposition? You know the feeling, absolute quietness descends the household when these men begin their war cry and you just feel the hairs on your head stand up! Well we thought it might be a good idea to learn a little more about this awesome tradition. So strap in…here is the history of the haka!


The origins of the haka are deeply rooted in the mists of time. It is a history rich in folklore and legend that reflects Maori heritage. New Zealand has grown up immersed in haka since first encounters between Maori and early European explorers, missionaries and settlers.

While recent tradition suggests the haka was the domain of men exclusively, legends and history reflects a different story. Indeed, the story…

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      1. Hi Expat Dad SG! I am just sending you a quick msg to say that you might be interested in my latest blog on rugby anthems and songs.

        I am not a rugby blogger but I like to blog about sport from time to time if there is historical value in them.

        I also wanted to say that in case you went exploring and found that there is a lot of empty links etc. on my blog…thats because there are..for now!

        I am a History Teacher in Ireland and I want to build a website of sorts to help students through the subject as many have said it is quite a difficult subject. Hopefully I will have the whole thing done soon enough! Here is a link to the “About” section in case you think I write about random stuff 🙂 https://jryantheaed.wordpress.com/about-2/

        Anyways, happy blogging and thanks for reading. Looking forward to Rugby WC 2015!


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