Pro12 2015-2016 Round 15 Predictions

With only 1 point separating the top 4 teams these next games during the 6 Nations can be critical for a team having a good or bad season. Here are my predictions for the Round 15 games. How did your predictions go last week? 4 from 6, I did say that Cardiff lose these type... Continue Reading →


Weekend Rugby Review – 15 February

A weekend of upsets in the Aviva Premiership and some mixed rugby in the 6 Nations. Here is my round-up of all the action. 6 Nations France 10 - 9 Ireland Wales 27 - 23 Scotland Italy 9 - 40 England 3 from 3, a clean sweep of wins but I didn't expect the blow out... Continue Reading →

Rugby Thoughts – How to win the Rugby World Cup

Yesterday I shared a piece by The Scribbler (@RugbyScribbler) where he looked at the introduction of Georgia and Romania to the 6 Nations. I'm going to approach the topic from another angle as I agree that who teams play on a regular basis is important for their development. So what about who the top European... Continue Reading →

We ask it every year.. but is now the perfect time for Georgia and Romania?

An early Sharing Sunday: Another interesting piece from The Scribbler (@RugbyScribbler) this time looking at the 6 Nations and it’s expansion. I think this is part of a bigger topic and been meaning to put my thoughts on virtual paper. Tomorrow I’ll post my Rugby Thoughts on getting Tier 2 teams more games.

Rugby Scribbles

We are only in the first round of this years instalment of the Six Nations, so perhaps this is premature. However, following the first round of the Championship, I want change. I want it to become a more exciting tournament on the whole.

The Pumas (Argentina)have found success following constant exposure to the best the south has to offer, no doubt. They came 4th at the global showcase that was England 2015. Their inclusion in the Rugby Championship is a perfect model of how the power houses of World Rugby can help global development of our sport and is a testament to all involved in the competition. Argentina are in turn playing their part, this year participating in the America’s cup against emerging nations Canada, USA, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. Wouldn’t it make sense for us to finally give Georgia and Romania a chance?

If there should be one…

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Aviva Premiership 2015-2016 Round 12 Predictions

We are entering the second half of the Premiership regular season. So all the teams will obsessing each other for the second time. Here are my predictions. First here is a link to my round-up of last weekend's action. How did last weekend's predictions go? 3 from 6, was an average performance even if there... Continue Reading →

Rugby Thoughts – Respect the Ref

One of the cornerstones of rugby culture is the respect for the referee. There's been an erosion of this respect over the last few years that saw unpleasant comments in and from the press towards Joubert. Last weekend at the New Zealand stop of the HSBC 7s World Series in Wellington, there were calls during the... Continue Reading →

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