Rugby Thoughts EP3 – TMO and Technology

There are often comments about the TMO and why he hasn’t seen something. Here I take a look at what the TMO gets to see and how the technology helps or hinders them.

This is the second in a series of posts following on from looking at the taking of quick conversions to secure the points from a try.

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2 thoughts on “Rugby Thoughts EP3 – TMO and Technology

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  1. Interesting stuff. But I think there’s some major inconsistencies in what the TMO can actually see. Our sources suggest theres a big difference in diff countries. In SuperRugby, the TMO is often in the stand or in a box somewhere within the stadium (but away from the TV producers). In the Aviva Premiership, the TMO sits in the TV production truck and can see all angles available – not just one. They have a delayed feed (up to 8 seconds depending on if game is live or not) and can request angles without them being on TV/big screen. That way there’s less crowd involvement, and certainly no element of “local TV producer’ which Im told can impact things in some countries.


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