The Rugby Championship 2016 Round 1 Predictions

The Rugby Championship is finally here and we get to see the top 4 teams from the Rugby World Cup go head to head! Here are my round 1 predictions. Before we get into it here is a link to my tournament preview. Here is my 30 second 1 Line Predictions, for the reasoning read... Continue Reading →


The Rugby Championship 2016 Preview

The top 4 teams from the Rugby World Cup will go head to head once again. With teams in transition and Argentina's first seasons with a Super Rugby team backing it up there's plenty of intrigue. Last year was a shortened version due to the Rugby World Cup and with Australia's victory over the All Blacks... Continue Reading →

Rugby Thoughts – Is rucking so last year?

Last weekend I noticed that the Stormers had 100 rucks to the Chiefs 60 and it triggered something that I'd been thinking about for a while. Are the top New Zealand teams avoiding rucks and can we see that in the stats? For years now we have heard commentators talking about using the offload to... Continue Reading →

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