Rugby Thoughts – Concussion Revisited

Concussion is one the topics that I tweet about and have written about in the past, but when I went to look back at my old posts, not as often as I should have done. I think it's one of those topics, along with doping, that needs constant vigilance. There have been a number of stories... Continue Reading →


Eddie Jones’ Diary – 26th October 2016

An insight to what coaches think, well not really but a good laugh

Double Dummy Scissors

26th October 2016

I’m back in my hotel room, another press conference done. I find all that smiling exhausting. Managed to get in the clown reference though. Cheika will have loved that. Must text him later. Is there a clown emoji on my new iPhone?

Not many questions about Danny Cipriani, which is a good thing. And what with my new phone, it should be a while before he gets my new number. There’s a lot of messages from numbers I don’t recognise. One in french, which is either Guy Noves wanting me to see what he’s done, or Chris Ashton showing off. I think it might be the former. Crazy bastard.

I have a voicemail which is just really loud music and someone shouting. I think it’s Hask. He’s determined to do all the music for our prematch dressing room. Some of the backs won’t like it. I remember…

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Aviva Premiership 2016-2017 Round 7 Predictions

It's back to domestic action after a couple of weeks of European competitions and before the November Internationals will hog our attention. Here are my predictions. First here is a link to my round-up of all the action from around the globe last weekend. How did your round 6 predictions go? 4 from 6, not... Continue Reading →

A week in the life of a rugby player

If you're anything like me you've never been a professional rugby player or sports person. I wouldn't even describe myself as an amateur sports person. I'm a guy that has a "9-5" office job that might go for the occasional run and plays a little social touch. So when I'm watching a player talking they... Continue Reading →

European Rugby Champions Cup 2016-2017 Round 2 Predictions

It's the second of the back to back games in the opening block. Here are my round 2 Champions Cup predictions. First here is a link to my round-up of all the action from last weekend. How did your round 1 predictions go? 6 from 9, 3 away wins that I went for didn’t come off... Continue Reading →

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