Let’s Talk Home Ground Advantage

Whilst reading Jerry Collin's book a thought struck me about home ground advantage. Here are my thoughts on home ground advantage from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. https://youtu.be/KmYXnZb8Hyk Here is a link to my interview with Joe Edwards that I mentioned in the video. Support DrivingMaul As Patron @EsseHunter said on Twitter “Can’t expect quality service and content for free... Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk Concussion & Scrum Caps

Recently there was a school game in Ireland that was abandoned after 3 players suffered concussion. This has led a senior to suggest that scrum caps should be compulsory. Here are my thoughts on that from Periscope earlier as scrum caps don't protect against concussion. https://youtu.be/1Q3r0-lnVi0 Here is a link to the news story of the match... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk USA Rugby and Where It’s Going

This weekend feels like a pivotal weekend for USA Rugby, it's not happening on the pitch but it's about the governance of the sport and the rugby congress that's happening this weekend. Here are my thoughts that I first put out there on Periscope. https://youtu.be/nsdrucAAiog Here is a link to Tony Ridnell's website and the Rugby Wrap... Continue Reading →

6 Nations 2017 Round 2 Predictions

We had a wonderful opening weekend of the 6 Nations and it's straight back into it this weekend. Here are my Round 2 predictions that I first put out there on Periscope. https://youtu.be/kXYkdyTKRi8 In summary my Round 2 predictions are: Italy v Ireland - Ireland by 30 Wales v England - England by 5 France v... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Bugging The All Blacks

A man has finally be charged with planting a listening device in the All Blacks meeting room in a hotel prior to the Bledisloe Cup in August 2016. Here are my thoughts on the bugging that I first put out there on Periscope. https://youtu.be/A4ER3Z1Mjcs Here are links to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian news... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Doping

Over the weekend it came out that Patrick Tuipulotu failed a doping test sometime last year. Here are my reactions to that news. Here are my initial thoughts on the news that I first put out there on Periscope. https://youtu.be/iKeiELexCgI As more information became clear here's my follow-up reaction as NZR had their hands tied and had... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Player Welfare in Japan

Richard Freeman forwarded me an article he'd written about the use of the HIA in the All-Japan Championship final. Player welfare is something that I feel passionately about and so I took to Periscope to help spread the word. Here are my thoughts on the lack of the HAI protocols in the All-Japan Championship final that I first... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk 6 Nations & “Keeping The Status Quo”

John Feehan who's the Chief Executive of the 6 Nations was quoted in the BBC in an article talking about the new bonus points and the possibility of relegation. That got me thinking about the 6 Nations and their inability to change. Here are my thoughts on the 6 Nations and "Keeping The Status Quo" rather... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk the 6 Nations in 5 weeks from a player welfare point of view

After the Telegraph said that the Aviva Premiership clubs were suggesting that the 6 Nations could be reduced from 7 to 5 weeks, a lot of people cited player welfare as an issue. Here are my thoughts on the impact to player welfare that I first put out there on Periscope. https://youtu.be/PTqNAh2_s9E Yesterday I talked about my... Continue Reading →

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