Super Rugby 2017 Round 15 Part A Predictions

In this convoluted format we only have the New Zealand and Australian sides playing this week. With the playoff teams almost certainly decided already it's just a matter of what order they will enter into the finals. Note: You can get my latest Super Rugby Predictions and posts here. Here are my Super Rugby Round... Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk Lions Tour For Fans

We hear how big the Lions tour is and they give out all these numbers. I find that they are just numbers and it's not until you hear some of the things that have to be organised that you realise how big it really is. Here are my thoughts on the Lions Tour For Fans... Continue Reading →

The Rugby Discussion – Referees

A topic that is always being discussed by fans is referees. Here we talk about cards, consistency of refereeing, the use of the TMO and scrums. The added bonus is that one of us is a referee! Here is my discussion with Cornf1ake and TheScottishCannon on referees from YouTube Live earlier. Support DrivingMaul As Patron @EsseHunter said on Twitter “Can’t expect quality... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Financial Strength Of Rugby

With only 2 Aviva Premiership sides not making a loss and the ARU saying it can't afford to run 5 Super Rugby sides, is rugby on a sound financial footing? Here are my thoughts on the financial strength of rugby from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. Support DrivingMaul As Patron @EsseHunter said on Twitter “Can’t expect quality service... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Picking Favourites

I was reading an article on MTS saying that the All Blacks 7s were favourites for the World 7s Series next seasons and this got me thinking. Clearly predicting the results of games and tournaments is something that I do a lot, well every week. But how do and should we decide who’s the favourite or most... Continue Reading →

Aviva Premiership 2016-2017 Final Prediction

It's final time and there will be a new name on the Aviva Premiership cup. It's also already a historic year for the Pro12 with an away win in the semifinals. Here are my Aviva Premiership & Pro12 Final & Top14 Semifinal Predictions from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. In brief here are my Aviva Premiership predictions: Wasps v Exeter... Continue Reading →

Super Rugby 2017 Round 14 Predictions

We're heading towards the international window and for the Blues it's their last home game of the season. So the the playoffs might feel a long time away but they aren't in terms of games left. Here are my Super Rugby Round 14 Predictions from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. In brief here are my round... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Team Yellow Cards

The Rugby Report Card brought up a point that I have discussed before on the #RugbyChat, the inconsistency of repeat infringement yellow cards. The Stormers v Blues game also brought it back to me. Here are my thoughts on team yellow cards or yellow cards for repeat infringements from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. Support DrivingMaul As... Continue Reading →

Out of the pit

Good piece looking at Exeter Chiefs and whilst I agree it takes a lot to achieve what they have I still like to think of them as an example that the “lower” clubs can make it if they get everything right.

Double Dummy Scissors

There are moments in sport that seem mapped out. As though the capricious nature on which the discipline has sold itself, has stepped aside. And so it was for the Aviva Premiership semi-final at Sandy Park. With just minutes on the clock, Henry Slade was handed the ball and asked to put it into touch. An inexorable rugby union storyline was about to play out.

Slade found himself inside his own half, eyeing up a kick that would position his beloved Chiefs well into Saracens’ territory. From there, the home side could build one final attack to overcome the match deficit and reach a second successive final. But as the ball left Slade’s left boot, the breeze picked up. And carried on a Devonian wind delivered by the rugby gods themselves, Slade’s punt sailed long and high, and out of touch just five metres short of the visitors try line. The resulting…

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