Should World Rugby Match Officials be Disciplined?

Should World Rugby match officials be disciplined? was a question that Gareth Mason talked about on his latest video. Whilst I agree with a lot of his points there are some that I wanted to respond to so I have done in a video of my own. Check out both videos below.

Here is Gareth’s video from YouTube:

Here is my response video to Gareth:

Do let us both know your thoughts on this important topic either down below or on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Should World Rugby Match Officials be Disciplined?

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  1. Good one mate, enjoyed your response to Gareth. Referees indeed do get “disciplined” for poor performances…they will not be appointed for a while, or might get dropped from a certain panel. The best example is Wayne Barnes who was dropped by World Rugby for a while, went and worked hard and came back a much improved referee.

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