Is this the worst All Blacks side this century?

Let’s be honest I’m going to get a whole bunch of flack before anyone even gets past the title. But this post isn’t what you might think. There has been a lot of comments since the Ireland v New Zealand game and I wanted to bring some perspective.

I take a look at the All Blacks results since the turn of the century and also their World Rugby ranking. Check out the table below the video for those details. I also discuss the 2 playmaker system that Hansen is switching to.

If you look at the results in the table below you’ll see that The All Blacks lost 4 games in 2009.

If we look at the All Blacks World Ranking they hit an all time low of 3rd in 2003 (when the rankings were introduced).  So there needs to be some perspective and 2 losses each year for the last 2 years is far from the worst the All Blacks have done. It’s a sign of how good they have been over the last near decade that people might be even thinking this.

It’s nice to see Twitter agree with my review of the last 19 or so years.


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