MLR 2019 Round 4 Predictions

OK I said that round 2 had a lot to live up to round 1 of MLR and boy it did just that with 2 major upsets! Craig has written a good roundup of all the action over at The Runner Sports.

After Round 2 picking is going to be really hard this week as the cat really was thrown amongst the pigeons. We still have the Americas Rugby Championship (ARC) going on meaning that players are missing from their teams. So all I can say is good luck.

Here is my video with my MLR 2019 Round 4 Predictions:

NOLA Gold v Rugby United New York – NOLA Gold by 5

3 wins with Try Bonus Points (TBP) for NOLA with a “we’ll score more than you” style means that everyone must be on the gold rush bandwagon now. Sure they leak a lot of points but so far they have managed to grab more than the opposition. A very different style to the seawall of Seattle for example.

RUNY we have only seen once but they did get a win and a lot of people are expecting big things from them this season. However they are up against the form team in the competition here.

San Diego Legion v Utah Warriors – San Diego Legion by 5

After losing to RUNY in the opening round, Legion have put together 2 good wins over Seattle and Austin. With a heavily loaded home schedule at the beginning of the season that was important.

We have only seen the Warriors once and they did win but we have to temper that with who it was against. Austin have been the weakest side in this competition so this game will be a good yardstick to see how Utah have evolved from last season.

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Austin Elite v Glendale Raptors – Glendale Raptors by 3

Glendale have had a massive fall from grace! Last season they topped the regular season but with time around they are at the other end of things. With more losses than all of last season already they need some good news. Visiting Austin is just that. Austin have opened their account with 3 home losses on the bounce. This is going to be a really long season for them unfortunately.

Seattle Seawolves v Toronto Arrows – Seattle Seawolves by 7

Last seasons champions have already lost 2 games this season! That’s amazing but they were a much weaker force on the road last season so maybe we shouldn’t quite so surprised. Back home and up against an expansion team you’d have to think that they will get back to winning ways at the sold out stadium. Arrows will come with some confidence after their win last weekend but a losing bonus point is about all they can have ambition for this weekend.


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