MLR 2019 Round 7 Predictions

It looks like things are settling down now, we have a clear bottom 2, with a couple of teams above them. Then we have a logjam as the top 5 teams are fighting it out for supremacy. Get an idea where all the teams stand with The Runner Sports MLR Power Rankings.

Here is my video with my MLR 2019 Round 7 Predictions:

Utah Warriors v Rugby United New York – Rugby United New York by 3

It was a little cold in Utah last weekend! This is one of the places that isn’t being avoided for snow as well. Apparently it’s not going to be as cold this coming weekend. That’s good for Utah as they didn’t do well last weekend. What’s not so good is the new super boys are in town. RUNY have only lost 1 game so far and that was away to the champions. The cold also won’t bother them so I’m expecting an away victory.

Glendale Raptors v Austin Elite – Glendale Raptors by 25

Glendale had their first home game last weekend and continued their recovery after a poor start to the season. That should continue this weekend as Austin come to visit. It’s looking like a long old season for Austin who started with 5 home games and lost them all. The only question is the margin and I’m going fairly big.

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Seattle Seawolves v Houston SaberCats – Seattle Seawolves by 20

The other team that looks like it’s going to have a tough season is the SaberCats. This is my team so there’s no fun in predicting comfortable margins against them. This is Houston’s first trip to Seattle and they will be in for the best atmosphere in the league. I can’t see them enjoying it too much though. Seattle are 100% at home and should get a comfortable win.

San Diego Legion v Toronto Arrows – San Diego Legion by 10

There has been lots of hope for Toronto and they have picked up a couple of wins. However those have been against Austin and Houston. Against the other playoff chasing teams they haven’t faired so well. The Legion have stepped things up this year with a better pack and aside from their opening narrow loss to RUNY it’s paying dividends. 4 wins on the bounce should be added to this weekend.


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