MLR 2019 Semi Final Predictions

Wow what a season this has already been. NOLA the early runners ran out of steam at the end and both the expansion teams made it into the finals. You can catchup on all the Action from the weekend with The Runner Sports round-up.

Here is my video with my MLR 2019 Semi Final Predictions:


I don’t know if you can read anything into this but the 3 most northern teams made it into the finals. With Legion being the only southern team to make it. Will having your away games more weighted towards the early part of the season prove to be an advantage? Clearly 1 season is far too small a data set to be making these conclusions but it is interesting.

With 2nd, 3rd and 4th all on 11 wins and NOLA missing out on the playoffs by only 1 point, it proved how important bonus points are in this league. Which is why it’s perhaps surprising that defence ended up being a better guide to who made the finals. Looking at Points Against the best 3 are all in the playoffs where it’s less clear cut on Points For. Maybe it’s actually Points Difference that’s the best guide. Just thinking aloud here. Let me know your thoughts below.

San Diego Legion v Rugby United New York – San Diego Legion by 5

Maybe I’m going the wrong way with an upset. Both the games where these sides have met ended with the away team winning. However defence wins championships and Legion have given up the fewest points of any team.

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Seattle Seawolves v Toronto Arrows – Toronto Arrows by 3

In contrast the home teams have won so far in the games involving these teams. I’m just looking at the Arrows form, 7 wins on the bounce. Also with the Seawolves losing to Legion and drawing with Warriors at home, it shows they aren’t invincible up there.


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