Rugby World Cup 2019 Warmups Round 4 Predictions

EDIT – You’re probably looking for my Rugby World Cup Week 4 Predictions.

The phoney war of the Rugby World Cup warm-up games continues. It’s a bit of a lottery as teams will be looking to get different things out of different games. Also they will have trained differently going into those games. Have they had a hard week of fitness training or lots of ball and tactical work in the week previous for example.

Some of the results are been surprising to say the least, as we have seen several records fall over the last couple of weeks. Just remember these games aren’t the ones that the coaches and players are concentrating on.

France v Italy – France by 7

I’m backing France here but it’s easy to see this one going the other way. After only making 5 changes between the 2 Scotland games, France might use this to give the extended squad a run out. For Italy they need some real rugby after a thrashing of Russia where they probably didn’t learn that much. At the end of the day though with New Zealand and South Africa in Italy’s Rugby World Cup group we already know that Italy’s ambitions are going to be rather lowly.

Talking of the Rugby World Cup, DrivingMaul supporters can watch my video listing the must watch pool games at the Rugby World Cup.

Fiji v Tonga – Fiji by 7

Who knows what plans their coaches have going into this game. It’s at Eden Park in Auckland as part of a double header. Prior to this Samoa will have a run out against a Heartland Championship XV that Same should win easily. In this fixture however I’m going with Fiji as I think they will be looking for a confidence booster after loss to Japan and only a close win over Samoa in the Pacific Nations Cup. Tonga are coming off the back of a win over Canada but losses to Samoa and Japan before that mean they’ll also want a good performance here.

Wales v Ireland – Wales by 5

This is a really hard one to pick. After last weekend Ireland will be desperate to put in a better performance. However I think that in the planning they would have been looking at playing a couple of their wider squad in this game. Will they stick to their original plan? For Wales this is their last home game before the Rugby World Cup. For that reason they will want to put in a decent performance but the picking up no more injuries is more important for them.

I will be Live on YouTube straight after the final whistle with post match reaction.

Georgia v Scotland – Scotland by 10

Something that everyone fails to mention when they are suggesting Georgia should be in the 6 Nations, is that they have never beaten a Tier 1 Nation. Scotland will not want to be the first even if that it’s their primary goal. With Georgia also playing the Southern Kings I’m guessing this will be their 1st choice side with the wider squad playing the Southern Kings.

Other Games

Georgia v Southern Kings
Russia v Jersey Reds
Canada v BC All-Stars
Uruguay v Brazil
New Zealand Heartland XV v Samoa
Namibia v Southern Kings


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