NRC 2019 Round 5 Predictions

I got one of the two upsets right last weekend in the NRC. Still I slipped back a couple of places in the global standings on SuperBru to 28th but I’m still happy with that.

SuperBru Global standings out of 3,433 people

Canberra Vikings v Fiji Drua – Canberra Vikings by 5

History says that this one is won by the home side. The Drua did get a good winless weekend but away form home will be a different matter. Canberra will be looking to bounce back from a loss to the Force. There’s no shame in that though as the Force a sweeping all before them.

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Queensland Country v Brisbane City – Brisbane City by 7

Country vas City this is a derby game and we all know what derbies can do. This is one that’s ripe for an upset but City have been the better side this year and so logic says they should win this one.

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Sydney Rays v Melbourne Rising – Sydney Rays by 3

Battle of the basement dwellers here. Both have 1 win to their name and both have been against Queensland Country. You feel this will be their last win of the season, whoever wins it. I’m going with the home side but not with any confidence.

NSW Country Eagles v Force Force by 10

Easiest pick of the weekend. The Force have won all their games so far and have only missed out on the TBP once. Another win for the Force here even if the Eagles are having a goof season.


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