NRC 2019 Semi Final Predictions

The Finals are here! Only 3 games left in this year’s NRC so no one can feel secure. 3 of the teams in the Semi Finals have won the competition before so it’s looking like a repeat victory for someone.

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Force v Brisbane City – Force by 7

When Perth last won the NRC they were know as Perth Spirit not the Force but they are essentially the same team. To be fair to City they did get within 2 points of the Force in their regular season game. However the Force have been the dominant side in the competition with only 1 loss in the regular season. I can’t see them tripping up at this late stage.

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Canberra Vikings v Fiji Drua – Canberra Vikings by 7

The Vikings are the only Semi Finalist not to have won the NCR. They were losing finalists in both 2015 and 2017 which means they have a record of making the final every other year. I can see them maintaining that record by beating the reigning Champions this year. The reason for that is the Drua tend to not travel well and are the most impacted side by the Rugby World Cup, but could they rush some of their players back?


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