For Your Ears Only – Times They Are A Changin Part 2

I believe that we are going to see the biggest change to rugby union since the switch to professionalism. There has been a convergence of different factors that could have seen a World Rugby led change. That failed and we now see CVC investments that will lead to change.

In Part 1 I took a look at the different forces that are pushing for change and the changes that are already in progress.

In Part 2 I look at what CVC did in Formula 1 so that we can learn how CVC go about their business.

Part 3 I’ll extrapolate on how CVC have acted in the past, to predict what changes they could bring to rugby union.

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Cheers Paul aka DrivinigMaul

For Your Ears Only is a weekly opinion video on any rugby topic that Supporters of DrivingMaul request.


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