I Hate The Six Nations

Heretic! Well no, what he is really talking about is a rejig of the season and whilst he doesn’t go on to say it, a global calendar. This is something I’ve been planning to write about and I’ll respond in my Rugby Thoughts piece tomorrow.


We ask it every year.. but is now the perfect time for Georgia and Romania?

An early Sharing Sunday: Another interesting piece from The Scribbler (@RugbyScribbler) this time looking at the 6 Nations and it's expansion. I think this is part of a bigger topic and been meaning to put my thoughts on virtual paper. Tomorrow I'll post my Rugby Thoughts on getting Tier 2 teams more games.

A record season for the PRO12 in Europe!..

Sharing Sunday: The Scribbler (@RugbyScribbler) asked me on Twitter for my thoughts on the Pro12 in Europe. What he really meant was my views on the Pro12 in the European Rugby Champions Cup. As it’s going to take more than 140 characters I thought I’d share his views with you and add mine on top.... Continue Reading →

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