Shute Shield 2019 Round 3 Predictions

Just brief predictions this week as school holidays means we're kind of busy. As always a big thank you to Hugh for his Shute Shield predictions. Sydney University v Warringah at Sydney University Oval #2 Hugh's Prediction: Sydney University by 12DrivingMaul Prediction: Sydney University by 7 Eastwood v Northern Suburbs at TG Milner Field Hugh's... Continue Reading →


Shute Shield 2019 Round 2 Predictions

Well in round one we saw the benefit of getting an expert in to do the Shute Shield predictions. Hugh got 3 out of 5 right compared to only 2 by me. I'm a little worried about round 2 as his email read "There's a couple of toughies this week!" Eastern Suburbs v Warringah at... Continue Reading →

Shute Shield 2019 Round 1 Predictions

This season we expand our predictions to include the premier club competition in Australia! That's right here are Sydney's Shute Shield predictions are here. Now let's be honest I don't know much about the Shute Shield so I have roped in my mate Hugh to write these. Randwick v Eastwood at Coogee Oval Randwick is... Continue Reading →

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