Let’s Talk – Equal Pay For Black Ferns?

Steve Tew was interviewed about the Black Ferns and their renumeration. The head line was Black Ferns payment not sustainable. There was the normal poor New Zealand reporting, as the article suggests equal pay to the All Blacks but if you listen to the interview nothing of the sort was mentioned. Here are my thoughts on... Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk – The Hidden Rugby Crisis

Over the last couple of years we have heard plenty about the crisis in South African and Australian rugby. What we don't hear about so much are the problems in New Zealand rugby. The changes to the Super Rugby format are as much about the dropping interest amongst Kiwis as anywhere else. It's not only... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – SANZAAR Hate Hate Relationship

The relationships between the different countries with in SANZAAR is being stretched. The unions that organise Super Rugby and The Rugby Championship have always had different agendas. For example South Africa like fixtures from overseas visitors where as Australian derbies do better. Recently though there has been more angst as the competition is in trouble... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – World Rugby Tinkers With The Laws

World Rugby has decided to tinker with the rugby laws again. This time they are changing 6 laws around the scrum and tackle/ruck. They are intending to simplify the laws for the referees and also improve player welfare. These aims are clearly laudable but have World Rugby got it right this time? Here are my... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – Rugby World Cup Sevens 2017 Format

It wasn't until I was asked on YouTube for my thoughts about the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2017 Format that I realised that anything had changed. The format for the 2013 tournament in Russia for example was the same as we see on the HSBC World Sevens Series and at the Rio Olympics. That format... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – Beeping Keyboard Coaches

Julian Savea's wife Fatima Savea replied to a tweet I was included in at the weekend with "Bloody keyboard coaches...." about Julian's weight saying it was low. The tweet has been removed, so I can't quote it exactly, but the point is how players and their families pay attention to Social media. Here are my... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – Where’s My Law Book Gone?

Recently there were reports that Word Rugby had put together a 4 man team to reduce the Law Book by 50%. This caused the typical social media response of lots of complaints and questions until the article was read. Here are my thoughts on cutting the Rugby Law book in half from my Live Stream... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – Pro12 or is it Pro14? What’s going on?

The BBC has been the leading source on the Pro12 expansion due to the addition of 2 South African Super Rugby teams. However it's something that has been rumoured for months it's just the details that are coming out now. Here are my thoughts on the Pro12 expansion with the addition of 2 South African... Continue Reading →

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