End of Year Internationals 2018 Round -1 Wrap-Up

The International window wasn't quite here but we still had a host of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 games to watch. Also the womens internationals kicked off with the USA hosting the Black Ferns. I wrap-up all the action and BTW I managed to predict all the results... Listen to the podcast on iTunes,... Continue Reading →


Does New Zealand Rugby/Super Rugby need fixing?

With all the negativity you see in the mainstream press surly something must be broken in New Zealand rugby. From my point of view there are 2 sides to rugby that we need to look at when asking if anything needs fixing? There’s the playing performance side which includes playing stocks and teams performances. The... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes – Around the Mitre 10 Cup Grounds

If you get to go behind the scenes at a rugby game you’ll soon realise that there are lots of people required to bring us the game we love. The behind the scenes series talks to the people who you might not have heard from before but are as a big part of the provinces/clubs/franchises... Continue Reading →

Top 14 2018-2019 Round 9 Predictions

The Top14 remains a very congested table with 3 teams having a slight lead at the top before 7 teams who are extremely close. Then there are 4 teams who it already looks like will be fighting it out to avoid relegation. Here is my video with my Top 14 Round 9 Predictions: https://youtu.be/dKZsscTdyKc In brief... Continue Reading →

Pro14 2018-2019 Round 8 Predictions

It's time for the annual complaints about club rugby and international rugby impacting each other. There'll be the normal gnashing of teeth in the press but it's either this or playing less rugby.  Here is my video with my Pro14 Round 8 Predictions: https://youtu.be/PXJq_CebSWw In brief here are my Pro14 Round 8 Predictions: Edinburgh v Scarlets... Continue Reading →

Free Riding All Blacks

Welcome to the twenty-forth DrivingMaul – The All Blacks Edition, a show where Ashwin, Steve and I talked All Blacks again. This week we talk about the new All Blacks jersey, cheating, use of subs, mos and who'll be in the match day 23 to face Japan. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or your favourite podcasting... Continue Reading →

Does Super Rugby need Super Gimmicks?

Ashwin and I dive into the topic of marketing and structuring Super Rugby. We talk about the Mitre 10 Cup finals, International selections and getting injured sleeping in bed. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud or your favourite podcasting app: https://soundcloud.com/drivingmaul/rugbychat-ep61-does-super-rugby-need-super-gimmicks If you would like to see how the magic is made, you can watch the... Continue Reading →

Bring Back Respect in Rugby

Let’s #BringBackRespect, increasingly we are seeing YouTube comments, Facebook replies, Tweets, etc… just turn into a hate fest against the “other” side. It is a reflection of society and also social media. As we are not saying these things to people's faces we aren’t getting the feedback be is a hurt expression or a hit... Continue Reading →

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