Singapore Airport

Having been in Singapore for most of the last 9 years we've been through Changi airports quite a few times. Regularly appearing in the top 5 or 10 lists for best or favorite airport in the world Changi is a great airport. Considered by many as the best there has been plenty written about it... Continue Reading →


Bali airport

I re-blogged a post about the airport and here is my view.Arrival It is relatively hassle free, but it does take time. The queues for the vision arrival (USD 25) and immigration are long and slow. So be prepared with things to amuse the kids if you have had a long flight. There are people... Continue Reading →

Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali International Airport) – Review

Some good things to know about it you’re using Balis’ airport. But I would say that the comment about not needing VoA meant that the arrival is no hassle, is an exaggeration. We got a VoA and it took sometime but it was not excessive and you could jump the queue for an extra USD 25, don’t know how legal that is though.

Domestic Sanctuary

This post is just advice for those travelling to Bali any time soon.  Online, there seems to be a lot of complaints about immigration being really slow when they arrived in Bali.  That wasn’t the case for us.  We breezed through immigration real quick, having said that, being Singaporean had its perks.  We didn’t have to pay the US$25 for VOA (visa-on-arrival), so that meant that we got to skip one of the Qs.  Arrival FUSS FREE.

Now..departure was another story.  We decided to get to the airport early because we were worried about traffic and again, we heard that immigration can be a nightmare.  Well…yes…and no.  We were lucky…we checked in just before a HUGE tour group.  That was easy.  Then we went straight to the counter to pay our departure tax of 200,000 IDR each.  Once that was done…we went to immigration.  Yes, the Q was slow and…

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