Espresso Coffee School

Bumped into this little hole in the wall between meetings. Planned on doing another post but loved this little place so thought I'd strike whilst the iron was hot. It's just a little place on Swanson Street, only got 2 tables inside one of which is an old school desk. Clearly most people will just... Continue Reading →


Coffee in Bali

Just ordered a luwak or wild civet coffee, yup the cat poo one. Anyway going to give a quick overview of the coffees I have drunk. So basically the way I see it there are 3 basic levels of coffee here. Bali coffee or ABC coffee at ~5k Expresso based coffees with your lattes from... Continue Reading →

Friday Digest – It’s not always about the big things

This week I'll be touching on little things to do and Bedok Library Birthday party Little Things Last weekend I took our eldest to get her hair cut and we got there way too early.  Why do things in Singapore not open until 11am?  Some of us have been up half the day already by them.... Continue Reading →

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