NRC 2019 Round 4 Predictions

I might have only got 2 from 4 right in the NRC last weekend but let's be honest a draw always messes things up. That does take me up to 25th in the world on SuperBru which is a great start to the season! Fiji Drua v Sydney Rays - Fiji Drua by 3  Fiji... Continue Reading →


NRC 2019 Round 3 Predictions

I' 6 from 8 so far in the NRC. A good start to the season, can I now keep it going? Sydney Rays v Queensland Country - Queensland Country by 10 Sydney might have finally started to try and take this competition seriously but the Rays are still one of the weakest teams. Queensland should... Continue Reading →

NRC 2019 Round 2 Predictions

I had a cracking start to the NRC! The only prediction I got wrong in Round 1 was the draw. I don't think I'll be able to keep that up so I'll enjoy it while it lasts 🙂 Fiji Drua v Force - Fiji Drua by 3 The Force might have spent more time together... Continue Reading →

NRC 2019 Round 1 Predictions

Now that the Shute Shield is out of the way the NRC can kickoff. Got to say that this is a massive handicap for the New South Wales sides. All the other sides will have had some sort of preseason but the Eagles and Rays will have just got together this week. The big question... Continue Reading →

NRC 2018 Final Prediction

Fiji Drua in only their second year have booked a home final! Can they finish things off against Queensland Country? We have to remember that Queensland Country were the only side to beat the Drua in the regular season. That was in Australia though and this is in Fiji. Here is my video with my NRC Final... Continue Reading →

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