Romania v Spain and the Rugby World Cup

The hot topic of the weekend unfortunately was around apparent conflicts of interest and not positive happenings on the pitch. In my seventh Patreon exclusive show I talk about the situation around Spain's loss to Belgium and the implications for Romania. You can help support me produce more rugby content for you by becoming a Patreon of DrivingMaul... Continue Reading →


2019 Rugby World Cup Qualifying

Simon became a Pareon last week and as a thank you to him I asked if there were any topics that he would like me to cover in a Patreon exclusive show. He asked me to talk about Rugby World Cup qualifying and so that's what I have done. In my forth Patreon exclusive show... Continue Reading →

Rugby World Cup 2023 – Reaction

France have been announced as the host of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. This is despite the Rugby World Cup Board recommending South Africa be selected. The third country hoping to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023 was Ireland who received the fewest votes. Here is my reaction to France being selected as hosts,... Continue Reading →

Is the Rugby World Cup 2019 Draw Fair?

The Rugby World Cup 2015 draw was a handicap for Tier 2 nations what ever World Rugby said about it being fairer. You could argue that Japan could have reached the quarter-finals if they had been given a fair crack. So have World Rugby done a better job this time around? The World Rugby Chief Executive... Continue Reading →

#RugbyChat EP13 – The Rugby Championship

On the #RugbyChat in this episode we talk about The Rugby Championship and Mitre10 Cup. Below is the video of our chat on YouTube but first here are the 5 Questions that we discussed: Q1 Should your enforcer also be your captain? Q2 Are ex-players in the media not doing their preparation? Q3 What’s it going to... Continue Reading →

#RugbyChat EP8 – The Rugby Championship Round 2 Review

On the #RugbyChat Podcast this week we review The Rugby Championship and the Mitre10 Cup. Also in light of the success of the Womens Rugby World Cup we ask where does women rugby go form here? Below is the video of our chat on YouTube but first here are the 5 Questions that we discussed: Q1... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk – Rugby World Cup Sevens 2017 Format

It wasn't until I was asked on YouTube for my thoughts about the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2017 Format that I realised that anything had changed. The format for the 2013 tournament in Russia for example was the same as we see on the HSBC World Sevens Series and at the Rio Olympics. That format... Continue Reading →

The Road To Japan EP2 – Rugby World Cup 2019 Qualification

2 sides from Oceania have qualified for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan so it's time for another update on the road to Japan. Here is my second update on the qualification for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan from my Live Stream on Periscope earlier. Support DrivingMaul As Patron @EsseHunter said on Twitter “Can’t expect quality... Continue Reading →

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