Super Rugby 2019 Round 11 Predictions

OK this must be the most competitive Super Rugby has ever been. We have the Crusaders out in front, the Canes next then everybody bunched up in a few points. The only exception is the Sunwolves who are a little adrift at the bottom. This is making it crazy difficult to pick who's going to... Continue Reading →


SuperSport Rugby Challenge 2019 Round 1 Predictions

A big thank you to Andre who's my SuperSport Rugby Challenge expert. I haven't followed this competition before so a lot of my picks are guesses. It's fantastic to have Andre to guide us through this South African tournament where all the provinces get to be involved. Also it's used to help grow the game... Continue Reading →

Super Rugby 2019 Round 10 Predictions

The South African sides continue to throw spanners into the works. It's not even as though you can go counter intuitive as half the games go to form but the other half don't. It's making picking impossible but at least it's also keeping things interesting. Catchup with what happened in Round 9 with the DrivingMaul... Continue Reading →

Super Rugby 2019 Round 9 Predictions

I thought that last week was fairly predictable and it was apart from the Africa Conference games.... Oh well hopefully 1 week I'll get all the pics right, will it be this week? Catchup with what happened in Round 8 with the DrivingMaul Round 8 Review hosted by Steve from the Cornflake YouTube Channel. Here... Continue Reading →

Super Rugby 2019 Round 8 Predictions

Another weekend of horror for Super Rugby pickers last weekend. I think things are going to turnaround this weekend though. The opening couple of games are tough to pick but after that I think it's fairly predictable. Only time will tell though. Catchup with what happened in Round 7 with the DrivingMaul Round 7 Review... Continue Reading →

Super Rugby 2019 Round 7 Predictions

Well Super Rugby is continuing to cause problems for all pickers. Did you expect that performance from the Chiefs? Or for the Waratahs to beat the Crusaders? Or for the Blues to be now on the longest current winning streak of any New Zealand Super Rugby side??? Catchup with what happened in Round 6 with... Continue Reading →

Super Rugby 2019 Round 6 Predictions

It was a crazy weekend of rugby opening with a draw and including a couple of big comebacks. However last weekend wasn't about the rugby at all after the horrific events in Christchurch. Our thoughts will still be with Christchurch as the Crusaders return to action away from home this weekend. Catchup with what happened... Continue Reading →

Super Rugby 2019 Round 5 Predictions

A bit of normality returned last weekend. Except those of us that went for the Sunwolves upset you should have done well with your picks. This weekend we have "only" 6 games as the Blues, Bulls and Sharks have the weekend off. There are still plenty of games that aren't easy to pick though. Catchup... Continue Reading →

Super Rugby 2019 Round 4 Predictions

Well good luck with your picks this weekend, the South African sides decided that they would make it really difficult going forwards with 2 upset away wins. The Australian sides continued to look good and sometimes get the result but not on others. The expansion teams went great and for the first time in forever,... Continue Reading →

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